7 “Be-Attitudes” of Workplace

experienceReflecting over the last 300 weeks of my career journey… Right from the land of impossibilities, I traveled through the valleys, my car almost ran on water; I climbed mount Everest, distressed and falling-over, but I ‘never say never’… until I arrived at the new Horizon. I tell you.. It was  such an adventurous ride; a few will have this privilege in a life time career.

Much more than remembering the challenges, achievements, celebrations,  failures, disappointments and suspense along the journey; I feel the necessity to  filter my experience and highlight important learning points…. probably to practically re-affirm some basic laws (of life) and create reference for future endeavors.

I came up with the following “Be -Attitude” or beatitudes of workplace :

Beatitude One
Be strategic, let your work speak for you; it pays than speaking for yourself.

Beatitude Two
Be sensitive to your environment, much is being said without words.

Beatitude Three
Be mindful of your encounter with people, everyone you encounter takes a portion of you everywhere they go.

Beatitude Four
Be free to draw inspiration from the achievement of colleagues, but be careful not to Compete, ‘Career Competition’ is a drainer.

Beatitude Five
Be a friend; find and nourish friendship  at work, it makes the job a lot easier.

Beatitude Six
Be focused; you’ll likely meet  some ‘English Speaking’ ( Seemingly Smart ) colleagues; they’ll probably get commendations for your job.. but  relax , in-the-long-run the ‘English’ (Smartness) usually put them in trouble.

Beatitude Seven
Be simple, w
hen situation seems overwhelming.. simply take it “a day at a time”; As much as you can.. ALWAYS maintain the right attitude.

Which of these beatitudes can you relate with? You may want to add a few more.. please feel free to make comments.

Thank you for reading
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