Can the dead die again?

About 24hrs ago; an aircraft carrying the remains of Olusegun Agagu (the former Governor of Ondo state); his close associates (family) and Ondo state government delegates crashed in Lagos! Reportedly, 22 people were on-board, 17 died and 5 survived. The social media was saturated with different versions of the story… claims and counter claims, a number of people could not hold back their views, some said  its ‘payback time: law of Kama at work – Agagu was Aviation minister and left the airspace in a mess’, a few think it’s insensitive to ‘make bad comments about the dead..’  somebody made reference to the fact that this is a trend in Ondo state where ‘incumbent governors always bury their predecessors as Adefarati buried Ajasin, Agagu buried Adefarati, and Mimiko is about to bury Agagu’. Humnnnn!……..  I remember,  someone also said its not ordinary.. ‘its likely that he belong to a cult and its part of the  burial rites’. These are just few remarks I could remember.

We all have rights to our opinions;  but I think we need to be careful in analyzing issues from a myopic perspective… These are my thoughts:

  • What makes these deaths special? May be its because it came through plane crash; few days ago over 40 students were reportedly killed by Bokoharam,  another boat mishap claimed 42 lives while 100 are still missing. Nigerians are dying every day in predictable and preventable circumstances… I remember animal farm.. All animals are equal but some are more equal than the other… we need to start placing equal and appreciable premium on Nigerian lives.
  • Do I have all the facts? Things are not always the way they seems;’ the fact that we are human places limitation on what our brains can comprehend. Lets be careful in our analysis because we do not have all the facts.
  • What can I learn from this? I thinks this is the  best question we can individually ask ourselves. If I think its the law of Kama; what seeds am i currently sowing? how have I fared in that little space I find myself? If  I find my self in a position of authority I truly prepared to be the change i want to see?

It’s irrelevant if  Agagu’s corpse died again and again and again…..his game is up and the dead is dead! Only the living can learn a lesson from the ‘dead’. What am I learning?

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