Chances, Choices & Consequencies

Every chance in life is an opportunity to choose. However, the consequences of those choices automatically follow. Nobody can have everything in the world; choice is the only thing that is left for all. But if someone thinks he or she is unable to make a choice, he or she has already made one – “indecision is already a decision”

Moses warned the children of Israel on the consequences of not obeying God after his death. Similarly, Joshua warned them not to have any other god apart from Jehovah. Despite the warning, years after Moses died, the children of Israel perpetrated all kinds of atrocities of their own choices. The consequences came and out of 600,000 able bodied men that left Egypt, only two made it to the Promised land. We must understand the nature of God before toying with His justice. The foundations of His throne are justice and judgement. There is no destructive means that can bring about a constructive end.

Why is the race not to the swift and the battle not to the strong? Many valiant men die in battles they had no business fighting and many swift people run ahead of God and outside of His direction into untimely death. The race is not to the swift because God can take flight out of the fast. If the battle were to the strong, Goliath would have killed David. Similarly, riches are not to men of understanding because the fact that one is wise does not equate to riches or else professors should be the richest in the world.

Whether you are strong in battle, swift of feet, wise and full of understanding, you still require time and chance. Every time there is a chance, an opportunity presents itself to make a choice. Once a choice is made, consequences must follow. You are where you are today because of the choices you made

Think about these things…..



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