Which one are you? A Manager, a Leader or Managing Leader?

01) A Manager has a short-range perspective. A Leader has a long-range perspective.

02) A Manager plans how and when. A Leader asks What? and Why?

03) A Manager eyes the bottom line. A Leader eyes the horizon.

04) A Manager imitates others. A Leader originates.

05) A Manager accepts the status quo. A Leader challenges the status quo.

06) A Manager does things correctly. A Leader does the correct thing.

07) A Manager seeks continuity. A Leader seeks change.

08) A Manager focuses on goals for improvement. A Leader focuses on goals of innovation.

09) A Manager bases power on position or authority. A Leader bases power on personal influence.

10) A Manager demonstrates skill in technical competence. A Leader demonstrates skill in selling the vision.

11) A Manager demonstrates skill in administration. A Leader demonstrates skill in dealing with ambiguity.

12) A Manager demonstrates skill in supervision. A Leader demonstrates skill in persuasion.

13) A Manager works toward employee compliance. A Leader works toward employee commitment.

14) A Manager plans tactics. A Leader plans strategy.

15) A Manager sets standard operating procedures. A Leader sets policy.

16) A Manager relies on analytical decision-making style. A Leader relies on intuitive decision-making style.

17) A Manager is risk cautious. A Leader takes the necessary risks.

18) A Manager uses a “transactional” communication style. A Leader uses a “transformational” communication style.

19) A Manager builds success through maintenance of quality. A Leader builds success through employee commitment.

20) A Manager does not want to experience anarchy. A Leader does not want to experience inertia.

21) A Manager plans, budgets, and designs detail steps. A Leader develops vision & the strategies to achieve it.

22) A Manager sets standards of performance. A Leader sets standards of excellence.

23) A Manager develops the detailed plan to achieve results. A Leader develops future direction by observing trends.

Which one are you.. A Manager, a Leader or Managing Leader?

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