Essence of Life

I remember asking myself some interesting questions in my teenage days…  Who created me?  Who am I?  Why am I here? Who is  God? Where do people go after they died? Where is heaven? … The fact that I was born and brought up in a Christian home could not satisfy my curiosity and thirst for knowledge.


I felt  there is something missing. I obviously know, that there is more to life … so, I decided to search: What is the essence of life? What is the missing link?

Its over 2 decades of  searching… I have been shaped by my experiences; and I have discovered a few facts:

Fact 1: Life is more Spiritual than Physical

Although, this ideology is  increasingly becoming unpopular in this generation,  As unrealistic as it sounds… Nature and Technologies that surrounds us  are proves that Life is much more than what we can see or reason. Just like ” laws of gravity” Life is controlled by Spiritual  principles that  disrespects human status. Let the Presidents of United States of America and Democratic Republic of Congo jump from a  1000m height and see if  forces of gravity will respect their offices or titles, same are spiritual principles. As much as we love to control our lives and circumstances, Let us not loose the fact that we are first Spiritual beings before we became human beings.

Fact 2: There is a void in every man; ONLY God can fill!

Life is a motion; even when you feel like all around you (and about you) are standing still; don’t be deceived you are still moving…. at least your clock is still ticking! There was a time I felt all that is important in life is “first degree”… but I was wrong; after each achievement.. I still felt the void again and again.. until I met Jesus (This may sound unreal and religious to you.. but this is the truth.. I really don’t know how else to say it) . This encounter did not take away all my problems and anxieties but it places me in a better position to handle life and its challenges.. Finally, even in the face of difficulties I feel NO void; I feet nothing is missing.

Fact 3: There is more to Life than Here and Now!

I have seen a few things in life.. I have seen a President died like chicken; I have seen cancer  killed billionaires without respect for money; I have seen Professors   say goodbye not for the lack of knowledge. Power, Money, Fame, Titles, etc.. sometime failed when they are most needed! yet we all seems to be living for these things.. in a “never ending rat race”. Let me  say it in the words of Rick Warren: “Life is a preparation for eternity. we were not made to last forever; one day my heart is going to stop, I may live 100 years on earth but I will live trillions of years in eternity. We are made by God and for God; and until we figure this out, life isn’t going to make a meaning “ . Life is about what we give than what we receive; Life is more about relationships we build, its about the impact we make on the life of others.

Thank you for reading.

Debo writes..

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