… Is your assignment over?

  • I constantly hear this voice within me…”You are more than this..”Decision
  • I’m so uninspired.
  • I force myself to do what I would normally do with all joy.
  • I look forward to something more satisfying.
  • It’s really not about the money, what’s my impact?

It is true that our individual God-given purposes in life do not change but our assignments change per time.  For example, if your  purpose is to  obtain a master’s degree.. you’ll start by seeking admission, accept admission, register for courses, read and write exams, conduct research, write thesis and defend your thesis. These are time-bond assignments (and requirements) towards master’s degree.

If you find yourself in 3 or more situations painted above; then its time to examine your assignment. You are probably seeking admission when you should be registering courses? It is almost certain that your task is over at your current location and you should consider your next assignment.

But what is the next assignment?  be quiet, connect to your source, look inward and examine the signs..  You already have answers!


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I'm simple! I'm thoughtful.. I'm thorough.. I'm logical.. I'm loving... I'm diplomatic.. I can be critical.. I can be daring.. I can mood-swing.. I can "click Ignore".. I'm work in progress.. I'm Debo!
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