My Statement of Excuse

“CEP 713, Strategic Management?” – he inquired, flipping through the textbook on my desk Yea I responded ,  “Meaning  you are running MBA program” - he probed further  Yea!.. my response remained the same.. “That’s cool, I really envy you…. 3 times I had enrolled for MBA, and 3 times I dropped out, this bank job will not allow me.. I’m just tired!” there was a momentary silence.. and the conversation continued……

But, long after the conversation … the statement keep coming back “3 times I had enrolled for MBA, and 3 times I dropped out, this bank job will not allow me..”   I tried relating it to my past/present experiences and excuses for not achieving my goals – my excuses for giving up on my desires- my reasons for quitting too soon.

I figured out, the same way we consciously develop Mission and Vision Statements.. we can also unconsciously develop Excuse and Failure Statements... and once we identify  with these excuses in our subconscious mind..they becomes  valid reasons for failure. A typical  statement  of excuse could take any of these forms:

“5 times, I entered into  relationships with  men and 5 times I was jilted.. Men are just the same..”

“4 times, I was pregnant and 4 times I lost it, this fibroid will not let me have a baby..” embassies will not allow me..”

“Uncountable times I  tried overcoming this bad habit, and Uncountable times I went back to it… this habit will kill me..”

7 times I  got invites for job interview, and 7 times I lost the opportunities.. this bad-luck will not allow me..

We can go on and on and on…..  We all have statements of excuse at certain points in life.. What is yours ?

excusesCome to think of it.. Life is all about challenges.. you overcome one and you are almost immediately presented with another…. the ability to overcome is in your determination to confront your Statement of Excuse head-on! To understand that greatest battles are fought and won in the ‘mind- arena’; though it may take time..its only over when you give up and accept your Statement of Excuse as your Reality.

Friends.. It may be hard.. It may be tough.. but don’t give up.. Keep on Keeping on!

Be brave. Be strong. Don’t give up. Expect God to get here soon. (Psalm 31:24).


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