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7 “Be-Attitudes” of Workplace

Reflecting over the last 300 weeks of my career journey… Right from the land of impossibilities, I traveled through the valleys, my car almost ran on water; I climbed mount Everest, distressed and falling-over, but I ‘never say never’… until I arrived at … Continue reading

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Which one are you? A Manager, a Leader or Managing Leader?

01) A Manager has a short-range perspective. A Leader has a long-range perspective. 02) A Manager plans how and when. A Leader asks What? and Why? 03) A Manager eyes the bottom line. A Leader eyes the horizon. 04) A Manager … Continue reading

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National Conference without National Conscience

What is the use of a Conference without a Conscience?  I hate to sound like a pessimist but Is it not simple wisdom to know that “direction, not intention ultimately leads to a destination”? If a man intends to travel to … Continue reading

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